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Welcome to Island Time!

May 3-4, 2024

Celebrate a mid-spring heatwave with a vacation of a run. Take your time with the 24H, 12H, or 6H run, take on the 5K trail run, or the Last One Standing Challenge. A mostly trail loop will take you on a tour of the the beautiful property over and over and over again! Each loop gives you access to a fully stocked aid station. Stop and rest as often as you'd like...we'll all be on island time!

24H 12H 6H 5K Last One Standing

The Woodlands Gregory, MI

Race Options

24H, 12H, & 6H

Complete as many loops of the 2-mile course as possible before time is up! Only laps completed within time limit will be counted. Male and female with most loops completed within each time limit will receive an overall award.

Plus, the more loops you finish, the more prizes you'll receive!

5K Run

A good old fashioned, down home 5K run! All 5K finishers will receive an Island Time 5K finisher's medal.

Last One Standing

This is a last person standing, winner takes all, event. Runners will make there way around a 1 mile loop with the allotted time decreasing each loop. Outlast the other runners, complete the most loops, and win!

Margarita Mile

Join us for a Friday night party at the MARGARITA MILE! A one mile dirt/gravel loop with a margarita stop each quarter mile! You will receive a margarita glass at check in and will carry the glass for your mile. Make it a party leisure mile, or see how fast you can complete this fantastic challenge!


Awesome optional add-ons available during registration!